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Ball Watch CompanyEngineer Master II DM3308A­-SC­-BK

The foundation for Ball watches is innovation and creativity which are the cornerstone of accuracy under adverse conditions. The railroad is an iconic piece of engineering, critical to the establishment of America as we know it. By the end of 1883, the rail industry had agreed to divide the country into four time zones and had adopted standard time, with the public soon following suit. In the same year, a man named Clay Webb Ball was the first jeweller to use time signals and bring accurate time to Cleveland and he was eventually appointed chief inspector for the rail lines in 1891. These exquisite timepieces continue the tradition of Webster Clay Ball who aspired to manufacture and create the most accurate mechanical watches on Earth. Designed to be used by those that live and work in truly adverse conditions. These timepieces represent inspiration mixed with outstanding engineering technical quality following the path its founder set almost 140 years ago. 

Core Features of Ball Company Watches:

  • Ball watches feature micro gas tube technology. The micro gas tubes ensure long-lasting luminescence. 
  • The brand offers exemplary shock resistance of at least up to 5000 Gs.
  • The brand uses the highest quality stainless steel in the production of its products. The stainless steel used by the brand is also low carbon.
  • Watches in Ball’s portfolio also have a minimum magnetic resistance of 4800 A/m.
  • All watches feature a durable scratch-resistant sapphire crystal. 

Model Specifications: DM3308A-SC-BK

  • A durable and robust watch, the case measures 42 mm in diameter. 
  • Completing the case design is a black unidirectional bezel. 
  • The black dial features luminescent hour-markers and hands for increased ease of readability in all conditions.
  • The model features a stainless steel bracelet.
  • The functions on the watch include hoursminutes and sweep seconds and a day and a date display. 
  • Water-resistant up to 300 meters or 30 bars. 
  • Movement Type - Automatic
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