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In todays market your old gold is worth a lot more than you think. 

We give 100% of the market value to you in the form of a gift voucher for your old gold. In other words, we give you exactly what we get for it in store credit.

Alternatively, we can offer you a cash price for your gold. We promise you it will be the most competitive rate you will find. Remember, when selling your gold it is best to go to a reputable jeweller that you trust.


Our Gold Prices are among the most competitive in Ireland and because we offer the full market price in a gift voucher on the day, you know exactly what we are getting for it. Our prices are transparent but most importantly fair.

Do not get ripped off for your gold, shop around and if you do not sell ot to us try another reputable jeweller. Only Sell your Gold to people you trust and who are willing to stake their name and reputation on the price they will give.


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